Day 17: Jayne and Natalie clash following Natalie’s return

Natalie has returned to the House but things haven’t gone smoothly…

During tonight’s highlights show, Jayne and Natalie clash following her return to the House after spending the night in Big Brother’s spare room

Natalie goes back into the House after spending the night in Big Brother’s spare bedroom “Guess whose back!…I had a very good night’s sleep, thanks!”

Natalie talks to Alex. “It’s really hard to come back in here cause who wants to come back into this hostile environment…First of all I would never share somebody else’s spit that I don’t know, I wouldn’t even let somebody drink from my own bottle…Why is she [Laura] making up stories that I have poured her drink into my glass

Later, Natalie and Laura argue.“You made that up, totally. I don’t even share lipstick, I would never pour your drink into my glass…You took the bottle of wine and you poured it out for you, your sidekick [Evelyn] and Ryan….Cause you’re a bitch, so we’re done.  Bye, bye!  You mean nothing to me I don’t have to talk to you” says Natalie

“I find that woman just absolutely intolerable…how f&*king rude!…I don’t like nastiness at all” replies Laura.

Later, Lateysha talks about Hughie pre-judging her. “I would prefer he came in and told me everything that you said about me to my face…I got it cause I’m proud to be Welsh, it’s not cause I want more dicks in there its cause I think its funny”

Jayne steps in to defend Hughie and Jayne and Natalie argue. Later on Jayne walks into Natalie’s face and is then called to the Diary Room.“What did you say?” asks Jayne
“Get out of my face…whore” replies Natalie

“I’ll annihilate you outside…takes one to know one.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.


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