Day 17: Things hot up between Chloe and Calum

Things are hotting up between Chloe and Calum.

During the task, Calum is asked by his hero Kim if he has a crush on her, he replies; “Unfortunately not! There is no crush there.” He calls Chloe ‘bae’, she smiles

In the living area, Jessica is tearful about Chloe’s comments about her during the task; “I thought she was my friend…” Spencer tells her; “You’ve no real loyalty to not flirt with Calum, she didn’t call him, it’s not her possession.” Coleen reminds Jessica; “You’ve not stolen her boyfriend! He’s single!”

Chloe and Jessica are talking in the toilet, Chloe says; “I do see you as a good friend. You’re making it a big deal! He’s not me boyfriend! You are overeating. I don’t care if you flirt!” They agree to forget about it and leave the toilet smiling

On the sofas, Chloe tries to kiss Calum, he tells her; “That’s enough!” She states; “I nearly went in for a kiss but I though nah!” They laugh

Kim and Jessica are talking in the smoking area and agree to meet up on the outside. Kim says; “I’m taking you to dinner! When you make your money you can (take me for dinner), when you make a lot of money you can treat me!”

Calum tells Bianca and Jamie that Chloe went in for a kiss. Chloe comes out of the bedroom in a bikini and gives John a lap dance. Housemates cheer and John is left laughing. Spencer advises Chloe to ‘turn it up’ with Calum

In bedroom, Calum is in his bed. Chloe wants to share his bed, he tells her; “Just chill Chlo! We’ll have a flirt tomorrow…you’re a beautiful young girl and I enjoyed your company tonight. Chloe go to bed.” Chloe goes to her bed and mutters; “Nothing will happen, I don’t care…”

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