Day 18: Chloe on her behaviour: “I’m so embarrassed!”

Chloe has spoken out about her behaviour last night.

Chloe is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I’m hung-over, I’m so embarrassed! I was probably trying to kiss Calum.”

Bianca is talking about Jamie to Big Brother in the diary room; “I do really like Jamie…he said to me that he really likes me and I said to him it’s the same back!”

In the bathroom, Stacy and Calum are talking about Chloe’s behaviour last night, Stacy comments; “She’s funny. I said listen, don’t be a clown, he (Calum) flirts and he has fun, he ain’t choosing nobody in here! She’ll grow up to be a woman…I feel sad about her looking back at this video when she’s 40 years old.” Calum agrees

Stacy and Bianca talk to Chloe in the bedroom, Stacy says; “We want to help you, nothing bad. We want to send you some support…” Chloe replies; “I don’t remember what I did last night.” Bianca adds; “You were a little bit on Calum…” Chloe confirms; “I fancy him but I don’t have feelings for him.”

Stacy tells her; “He flirts with everyone, he loves you, he won’t go for a 21 year who has had too much to drink! It’s cool, it was fun!” Chloe gets upset. Calum walks in and hugs her; “Don’t worry about what you were saying to me! It’s all fun!” Chloe says she’s ‘embarrassed’

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