Day 18: Nominations twist revealed ahead of tonight’s eviction

The latest nominations twist has been revealed ahead of tonight’s eviction.

On last night’s edition of Bit on the Side, it was confirmed that nominations wouldn’t be straight forward as there would be a twist in store for our Housemates.

The twist would revolve around this week’s shopping task. On last night’s highlights show, the Housemates were divided into superheroes and the sidekicks and were told to face a number of comic-book hero themed challenges.

However, the task wasn’t straight forward. Big Brother last night called the superheroes and the sidekicks to separate rooms and stood them behind a button. Big Brother announced that if someone pressed the button they could save themselves from eviction. However, if they saved themselves, they would nominate their partner from the task.

If both halves of a pairing press the button, the fastest of the two would be safe and slower would be up for eviction.

If neither half of a pairing press the button, that pairing would be safe from eviction. Whoever is left will face the chop tonight.

The results are set to be revealed later.

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