Day 18: TASK: Anonymous Feedback

The Housemates are given the opportunity to give their fellow Housemates some anonymous feedback in the form of a survey. The survey will provide the celebrities with a chance to vent their annoyances and grievances with each other. The surveys are then collected by Big Brother before being given out to the relevant Housemates. To pass the task each Housemate must fill in the forms honestly.

Each of the Housemates is given a survey made up of various questions. For example, ‘Which one Housemate is the most manipulative?’ and ‘Who least deserves to be in the final and why?

The surveys are then returned to Big Brother to be typed up to avoid them recognising or guessing who may have written it based on handwriting. The Housemates are then gathered on the sofa and are given the survey that was filled out about them, which they then read out to the group. After reading aloud their feedback, Housemates are given the opportunity to break their anonymity and reveal themselves if they wish.

If all Housemates fill in the forms honestly and to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they will receive a tasty reward

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