Day 19: Lotan and Chanelle cause tensions in the House to boil over with jokes

Hannah discovers a plastic mouse has been left on her bed. Lotan admits to the practical joke, but Hannah, Deborah, Isabelle and Raph don’t see the funny side, leading to the house arguing over the plastic mouse.

Lotan talks to the diary room about his prank and discusses the divide in the house. He says of Hannah “Nothing can ever be a simple joke with her, she has to lose it, she turns everything into a song and dance.” He talks about the divide in the house and says “We are all here to have fun so yea, you’ve got the section, the group that take the piss out of each other, and take everything in fun – that’s why we’re here.

Then you’ve got the group that don’t want to have fun or think that everything must be an offence or they need to say something to promote what they believe in. It’s like, that’s too much – so that’s the divide. Basically, you have people who want to smile, and then those who are allergic to it.”

Deborah discovers there is water in her bed and it causes tensions, as Raph tells Hannah and Chanelle about it. Kieran tells the sisters that it was an accident.

Lotan wears dangling earrings and gets into character as a Spanish woman. Tom and Lotan role play and have some flirty fun.

Chanelle and Isabelle play a prank on the house by putting ketchup and sun tan lotion on the floor in the kitchen.Joe and Lotan discover the mess and are not happy about it. Chanelle is called to the diary room and ordered to clean it up.

Chanelle and Isabelle clean up the mess in the kitchen, whilst Joe and Lotan discuss them in Rose Cottage, with Lotan calling Isabelle “boring” with “no purpose”.

Lotan and Chanelle have a heated argument in Thorn Cottage. Lotan talks in the diary room and questions the intellect in the house. He says “The hypocrisy in here is unbelievable and the lack of intellect is driving me insane. Some of the people in here never even went to school, it’s really really upsetting and I’m the f***ing stripper, you’d think I was the one without brains”.

Isabelle and Lotan discuss the argument in the kitchen and disagree over the falling out.

Big Brother continues at 10:30pm.

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