Day 19: Perez Hilton walks out of house in latest CBB task

Perez Hilton has walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother House… as part of a task

Earlier, Big Brother gathered the Housemates to the sofas to inform them of Perez’s decision to leave the Big Brother House. Little did they know that his exit was only a task that Big Brother has created.

“This is Big Brother. Housemates, Big Brother has some important news to give you. Earlier today, Perez made the decision to leave the House and he will not be returning”. This lead to silence around the sofas with shifty looks from Michelle and Katie, and an upset looking Nadia.

“I never thought he’d give up” commented some of the Housemates. Little did they know that Perez is still a Housemate, and is now living in a secret room that Big Brother has created. Perez will live in secret and will be able to watch his fellow Housemates on the plasma screen provided.

It isn’t know yet if Perez leaving will affect the nominations that are set to take place today.

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