Day 19: Tiffany: “I’m really disgusted about what happened to you”

Stephanie has been “singled out” over a pair of pants during tonight’s highlights.

Christopher is talking to Danniella about tensions with Stephanie. He asks if they can sort out their differences, but she says “no, I don’t wanna. She just keeps taking liberties left right and centre.”

Stephanie is talking to Big Brother about the atmosphere in the house. “It’s just not a nice feeling in the house because Gemma and Danniella are just like sticking together, trying to get a posse around them. Because she’s pissed me off that much, I want to stay in longer than Gemma Collins.”

John, Darren and Christopher find a pile of dirty laundry. They discover what they describe as “pigeon sh*t” in a pair of knickers.

Most of the housemates are in the kitchen. Stephanie tells them, “can I just say something? Anyone who is asking about the red knickers, yeah they’re mine.” Jeremy tells Stephanie that she doesn’t need to explain herself.

Tiffany is in the garden talking to Stephanie about events earlier today, “I’m really disgusted about what happened to you. I’m sitting here, I’m keeping my peace, but I really wanna talk about it because I just don’t think that sh*t is right. You might not wanna know, but I want to know who put your underwear up there. The person who did that needs to be singled out.” Tiffany then asks Stephanie who she thinks did it and Stephanie replies John. Tiffany agrees and it “bothers” her. “Let the big bad wolf handle it from here” she tells Stephanie.

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