Day 2: All you need to know on this years housemates

Big Brother 2016 officially began last night, with Channel 5 promising that EVERYTHING has changed.

There are a total of 12 new housemates plus six “Others”. So without further ado, here is all the information you need on this years new residents.

Alex Cannon
27 from Liverpool
alexAlex is a commercial model featured in campaigns for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness & Adidas

Alex featured in MTV series Judge Geordie. He was Vicky Pattison’s driver and sidekick in the series. The two are good friends

Andy West
34 from Milton Keynes

AndyIn 2015 Andy gained public attention when he made a YouTube video and tweeted about being “ashamed to work for the BBC” for nominating “homophobic and misogynistic” Tyson Fury for Sports Personality of the Year award

He believes he is intelligent and he likes people to know that. He believes his opinions and views are correct and he likes to have them heard

Chelsea Singh
48 from Chelsea
chelseaChelsea lives a lavish lifestyle. He owns a Bentley and has installed a cinema room in his house

Chelsea owns properties in Chelsea, Windsor, Erith, Sweden & Tenerife. He keeps himself extremely busy with a range of different business ventures.

Emma & Victoria Jensen
30 from Essex

Emma (on the right) is very interested in the supernatural world and admits, “I think I am an alien from out of space.”

Emma says she never watches TV or reads newspapers.

Together, Emma and her twin sister Victoria form one Housemate

Victoria (on the left) is single and has a degree in Fashion. She is teetotal, and a strict vegan

Victoria says she feels strongly about raising awareness of the mistreatment of animal.

Together, Victoria and her twin sister Emma form one Housemate

Evelyn Ellis
20 from London

Evelyn is from Sydney, Australia. She describes herself as “the most indecisive person you would have ever met.”

Evelyn has admitted that she suffers from “chronic bitch face” and so comes across as intimidating and stuck up

Georgina Cantwell
26 from Kent

Jackson Blyton
24 from Nottingham

Jackson modelled since he was 17 after being discovered by a scout on the high street.

Jackson was a gifted athlete at school

Jason Burrill
45 from Brighton

Jason is currently single and looking for love and is not opposed to the idea of finding it in the house

Jason has dabbled in the movie business, acting as a body double in a few films. He body doubled for Dave Bautista in Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy

Lateysha Grace
23 from Port Talbot
lateyshaLateysha is a former reality TV Star who starred on the MTV series The Valleys

Lateysha became a mother in September to seven-month-old daughter Wynter. Her daughter already has her own Instagram account

Laura Carter
30 from London
lauraLaura claims to have had liaisons with a string of celebrities including Craig David, Calum Best and Justin Bieber.

Laura states she comes across as “butter wouldn’t melt” but in reality she is a hot, sultry, red head who would use her sex appeal to get her own way.

Marco Pierre White Junior
21 from London

Marco is the son and middle child of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

Marco states he has grown up with an extravagant Champagne life style.

Sam Griffin
23 from Lytham
samSam got into college however he left after three months and started modelling and working

Sam states that he had always been single until January 2015 when he met his first boyfriend. They split after a year due to the long-distance involved.


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