Day 2: Dee passes her secret mission and House is rewarded

Dee has passed her secret mission to convince the American Housemates she as the Duchess of Solihull

Last night, Dee was set a secret mission to become the Duchess of Solihull and convince the three American Housemates that she was really royal.

Today, Big Brother gathered the Housemates to reveal all.

“This is Big Brother. Celebrity Housemates, you’ve now all been living together for 24 hours. Big Brother hopes that you’ve all enjoyed getting to know each other. However you have an imposer in your midst. Would the celebrity who has been hiding their true identity please stand up”

Dee stood up to a round of gasps.

“Leslie, Gary and Angelique all thought she was the Duchess of Solihull. Her real name is White Dee. When she entered the House yesterday, she was set a secret mission”

“The British residents knew her real identity and were in on this secret mission. As they passed the task, the whole House will be rewarded. Tonight you will enjoy a right royal knees up as Big Brother is throwing you a party”

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