Day 2: New Housemates, New Habits

The first morning has passed in the Big Brother House, the housemates are embarking on their first full day in the Big Brother House and already some of them are already showing to have the most peculiar habits.

Here are some of the things learnt about the Housemates so far this morning:

1. Mark apparently gets a spray tan once a week (Don’t knwow about you guys, but that is alot of fake tan!!)
2. Steven loves his hair (and quite a bit)
3. Helen has more or less preclaimed herself as “The House cleaner”
4. Pauline has a sweet tooth and prefers limes to lemons
5. Christopher can’t stop talking
6. Tamara likes to make fun of our residential box boy Matthew
7. Matthew has been labelled David Blaine
8. Finally Winston likes to sunbake

Winston Sunbaking

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