Day 2: Paul sets off the fire alarm and talks to Sarah her past

During tonight’s show, Paul speaks to Sarah in the garden and she admits she finds it hard being around so many people and never knows what to say to them. Sarah says: “I’ve been so secluded, I live in the country now, I’ve got my dogs. I moved out to the country so I’ve been talking to my dogs for the past 5 years.”

Sarah talks to Paul about her past relationship and says: “A lot of my issues were down to being in a toxic relationship. For me it stems completely from being hurt, 6 months before I was due to get married. It all just tumbled around me and I had to front everything and he f**ked off to Ibiza and I had nothing and I felt like I had lost my family and my friends that we had all built for 5 years. I felt like I had no-one left that I could turn to. I was very lonely, I had a few good select friends that helped save me from myself, which I am so grateful for. I’m very much a private person, so for me it’s quite overwhelming to do this.”

Sarah and Paul.

The boys talk about girls. Paul joins and admits he isn’t single and is with the mother of his child”. Chad admits he finds it hard to choose someone to be his girlfriend as he gets so many DM’s from women, whilst Sam Thomson admits “probably not as many people slide into my DM’s as yours. I get dudes, I’ve had c**k shots, I get nothing else”.

Paul goes to the top of the stairs to enter the diary room and presses the fire alarm, mistaking it for the entry button, setting the alarms off in the house. He later speaks to Big Brother in the diary room and apologises for setting off the alarms. Paul says “It is why they call me dangerous Danan, and I do dangerous things without even wanting to be dangerous. Some people probably call it clumsy”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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