Day 2: TONIGHT: The ‘Others’ discover the housemates identities

Coming up on tonight’s Big Brother – The Others get their first glimpse of the housemates, and Lateysha blasts Laura in the Diary Room.

Big Brother gives the others their first look at who is living in the house next door to them tonight, which causes some of them to realise that they are connected to the housemates.

Last night, The Others decided to Target Laura. As a result, she will face eviction on Friday. As a result of her being targeted and nominated, Big Brother informs her that she must nominate one other housemate to join her – she choses to nominate Lateysha.
Big Brother 2016

Back In the house, Andy gives Lateysha a pep talk, advising her to take Laura’s nomination as a compliment, and not to take it personally.

Later in the kitchen, Laura apologises to Lateysha, and tells her it’s an awful position to be in. Lateysha says it’s a game and that she is fine, “it is what it is!”

Speaking In the diary room, Lateysha tells Big Brother, “I feel like I’m in an amazing dream! Laura is obviously threatened by me, that’s why she nominated me. F**king b*tch! All I can say is that karma is a f**king b*tch.”

In The Other house, six housemate audition VTs are revealed to The Others. When Jason’s VT is revealed, Charlie reacts, “Oh my god! Oh no! It’s my ex boyfriend.” She starts to cry, says she had no idea and admits she still loves him, even though Jason split up with her.
Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016

The Others discuss that as a group they should now target Jason. Andrew tells Charlie she can now get revenge.

Later in the evening, in The Other house, Natalie is speculating that Andrew could be a ‘mole’ as she noticed that he gave her a ‘sly look’. Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Natalie says that she thinks Andrew is sly and she does not trust him, “I need to get into the main house so I can be myself, cause drama and be happy!”
Big Brother 2016

These scenes air tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.


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