Day 20: Chelsea isn’t happy with the latest task result

Chelsea has spoken to Big Brother about the latest task to go into the House.

In an online poll, viewers voted for Evelyn and Chelsea as the housemates who least deserved a reward. Housemates must choose which of them will be excluded from the party.

They choose Evelyn and she will be sent to Big Brother’s jail during the party. As Sam refused to complete his task, he will also be jailed.

Chelsea has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about the task. “It’s a load of bull s**t about me being dishonest, if someone is gonna try and discredit me like that I’ll burn the board and walk out of the house…give me a warning and let me walk. I don’t play mind games, I know it’s a game show but you’re trying to take the p**s. I’m a very smart and articulate guy, trust me.”

Big Brother continues at 9pm.

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