Day 20: Lewis issued with final formal warning for unacceptable behaviour

Lewis has been issued with a final formal warning for unacceptable behaviour.

During tonight’s show, Aubrey questions Lewis and Marnie about their relationship, and if he could join Marnie on her show. Lewis says; “I wouldn’t dream of going back on a show like that! I don’t want to be on TV!” Aubrey then asks Lewis why is he here, he replies; “So I can buy my mum a house!”

Marnie says ‘it would depend on the circumstances’ about moving in with Lewis. Renee advises her ‘not to give up her day job until she’s 100% sure’. In the smoking area, Marnie checks with Lewis if he’s single, he replies; “I’m not seeing anyone out of here! I’ve been on dates; no one has stayed at my house.”

Heavy D is listening in, he jokes; “It’s all about me! Me me me! The world according to Lewis!” Marnie and Lewis are left unimpressed, Lewis tells him to shut up as he’s winding him up. Heavy D and Lewis start to argue, Lewis then throws a drink at Heavy D. Big Brother immediately intervenes by calling Lewis to the diary room. Heavy D laughs; “If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen!”.

Marnie tells Heavy D that he was ‘winding up Lewis’. Marnie believes Bear should have stood up for Lewis; “That’s your friend and you were standing there laughing…” Bear tells her he thinks ‘Heavy D is funny’

In the diary room, Big Brother confirms to Lewis that his behaviour was unacceptable, and asks him to calm down. Heavy D is talking to Bear “I think Lewis doesn’t like me, that’s why I can wind him up!”

Marnie is talking to some of her housemates about her disappointment in Bear; “He was just laughing! Even when it was his friend. I’ve now realised!”. Big Brother issues Lewis a formal and final warning for his behaviour.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight.

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