Day 20: Only two new Housemates to nominate this week

Only two of the new Housemates will be eligible to nominate this week.

Yesterday, Channel 5 ran a poll on the official Big Brother website allowing visitors to vote for the two new Housemates they thought should be able to nominate this week.

It has since been confirmed to us that only these two Housemates will be nominating this week, and that they will be nominating in private. This means that the rest of the House will have no idea that they will be the ones who are nominating.

UPDATE: Big Brother has since revealed the twist to the House, and that two Housemates nominating this week out of Harry, Marc, Sam and Simon. The identity of these Housemates will remain a secret to the House. During the week, Big Brother will reveal the results of the nominations to the House.

All of the new Housemates are immune from this week’s nominations and therefore only the original Housemates can be nominated this week.

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