Day 20: Public to decide Perez’s fate in online poll

Channel 5 have confirmed that the public will decide Perez’s fate in an online poll

Following yesterday’s twist where Perez staged a fake walkout and was moved into a secret room, Channel 5 have now confirmed that Perez’s fate lies in our hands.

The choices are that we can vote for Perez to face eviction during every eviction of the series, or we can give him a pass to the final. To vote for which you’d rather choose, head to the official Big Brother app and vote on the poll that is currently active.

Perez will re-enter the Big Brother House tomorrow night live on Channel 5, where he will learn his fate.

The Big Brother App is available for iOS and Android devices.

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  1. linda says

    Disguisted in channel 5 peresz should of had real nominations from the other housemates. I cannot believe you big brother has allowed peresz to run this years show

  2. Febe says

    Pass to the final for Perez otherwise cbb will be boooooring!

  3. natb983 says

    I think it a bloody disgrace that Hopkins n cami Lee allowed to get away with singling 1 individual out… pure bullies!!!
    Keep perez in even though he has faults..

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