Day 21: Big Brother throws a ball for the end of immunity weekend

Big Brother has delivered with a big party for the Housemates after a long weekend.

Immunity weekend comes to end with a masquerade ball. However, the three immune housemates are now asked to each choose a housemate that will not receive an invite to the ball. Gemma chooses Christopher, Stephanie chooses Tiffany, and Darren chooses Danniella; these three housemates are not invited to the ball.

In the kitchen, Tiffany is upset that she wasn’t invited to the masquerade ball and tells Gemma, “I feel these people in this house don’t want me here. I don’t belong here, it’s OK, it’s the truth; I’m not a part of this team.” Gemma disagrees with her.

Christopher, Tiffany and Danniella entertain themselves while the other housemates enjoy the ball in the Forgotten Theatre.

During the ball, Gemma and John discuss how they can make Tiffany feel more included in the house. Stephanie heads to bed for an early night.

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