Day 21: Housemates play truth or dare leaving Stephanie sour faced

In the living area, most of the housemates are playing truth or dare, Tiffany picks dare and housemates dare her to kiss Scotty T. The pair kiss.

Jeremy is up next and picks a dare; housemates dare him to kiss Tiffany, the pair kiss. Tiffany laughs, “It’s a game! I’m in the mood now as I’ve had two kisses!”

Danniella quickly calls to Tiffany, “Truth! You kiss them both again and tell us who the best kisser is!” Tiffany kisses Scotty T, and then Jeremy again, and announces that Scotty T is the best kisser. Housemates laugh.

Tiffany asks Darren, truth or dare, he picks truth. She asks him if he has ever fantasied about cheating on his wife, he replies, “God’s honest absolute truth, never. If you knew about Darren Day 10 years ago, you’ll never believe it. I’m proper reformed.”

In the garden, Darren tells Danniella that he’s upset about Tiffany’s question. In the garden, Tiffany and Scotty T share a kiss and she tells him that he is a good kisser. He and Jeremy then decide to jump in the pool wearing their boxer shorts.

Tiffany watches on, “You’ve both got a nice ass, both of y’all!” In the bedroom, Jeremy reveals to Stephanie that he kissed Tiffany as part of a game. In the bathroom, Tiffany opens the shower door whilst Scotty T is taking a shower, “I like your body!”

Jeremy tries to talk to Stephanie but she refuses, and says she just wants to sleep. He asks her if she’s annoyed because he kissed Tiffany, she disagrees and tells him that they are ‘just pals’. Jeremy goes back to his bed, “You’re allowed to play me like a fool when you have a boyfriend, and I’m not allowed to have a game with the lads?! One rule for you and one rule for me. It’s just ridiculous.”

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