Day 21: Housemates punished for discussing nominations

Channel 5 have confirmed that the Housemates will be punished for discussing nominations.

During tonight’s highlights show, it is revealed that some of the Housemates discuss nominations. In the bedroom, Lateysha reveals to Chelsea and Hughie who she nominated last week, and that she thinks she will be up. Both tell her she is going to do well and that she may make the final. The trio believe that Jayne may be nominated next.

It has since been confirmed that the Housemates will be punished for discussing the nominations. Big Brother gathered the Housemates to the sofas to reveal the punishment.

Big Brother stated that the rule had been broken and revealed what happened. As a result of the nominations rule break, the hot water in the House has been turned off. Big Brother also revealed that this week’s nominations would also begin soon after.

Punishments have been a bit far and between since the series began on Channel 5, with some Housemates getting away with talking about nominations and others being ignored completely.

The discussion of nominations rule has been in place since the first series of Big Brother, with Housemates banned from talking about or influencing nominations. However, this rule has sometimes been changed to fit in with a task or twist. In 2012, Channel 5 ditched the rule altogether and allowed Housemates in the thirteenth series of Big Brother to freely discuss their nominations.

After a public poll however, this change was overturned and the Housemates were again banned from discussing nominations.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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