Day 21: Six Housemates face eviction after final immunity challenge.

The final immunity challenge has taken place, and the Housemates nominated for eviction confirmed.

Big Brother called all of the Housemates back to the Forgotten Theatre in an attempt to win immunity. Gemma and Stephanie – who were already immune – became the ushers of the theatre and were serving cocktails to the other Housemates.

Housemates were given two minutes to finish their drinks. After drinking the drinks, Housemates were told to write down the three ingredients that were in the drink. The Housemate who identified the most ingredients correctly at the end of the three rounds won immunity.

Darren was the Housemate with the most points and is therefore immune from eviction. As a result, the Housemates nominated for eviction tomorrow night are Christopher, Danniella, Jeremy, John, Scotty T and Tiffany.

Celebrity Big Brother’s next eviction takes place tomorrow night at 9pm, with the highlights show continuing tonight at 9.

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