Day 23: Peace and Love continues and the housemates spot an intruder

During tonight’s highlights show, this week’s shopping task of 1960s Peace & Love continues. As part of the task, Big Brother challenges housemates to write an original song about one of their fellow housemates and then perform in the house

Housemates are gathered for the sing-a-long.

Kieran and Charlotte both comment that they ‘hate fake tan’. In the diary room, Raph comments; “A much more positive day, no arguments! I enjoy Isabelle’s company.”

In the bedroom, Deborah tells Hannah; “You’ve already passed week three, which was the week another Nigerian girl left. We’ve both beat a statistic! If we make it to the end that’s a blessing. Positive vibes only.”

Chanelle is upset in the diary room; “I’m such a tough cookie, so I’m trying not to let anyone see I’m upset, I’m just missing home loads. This is the longest time I’ve been away, I’d loved to have a hug off my nana or my boyfriend or my bunny rabbits…”

In the garden, Raph reveals he voted for Donald Trump; “Because Hilary Clinton is even worse for me…” Savannah is disappointed to hear that, Charlotte comments; “It would be great if Kanye West became President!”

In garden, Savannah, Charlotte and Ellie spot an intruder, they shriek. The intruder is a large moth that they have called Red Dragon. Kieran releases the moth in the garden, the girls shriek again.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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