Day 22: TASK: Steven’s Surreptitious Secret Mission

Steven’s vast vocabulary has 5 new words added to it. To pass his secret mission, Steven must utilise these words without the other Housemates realising they are made up words.

Steven will be called to the Diary Room. Here Big Brother will give Steven 5 made up words which Big Brother has created.

All Steven must do is use these 5 made up words in conversation to describe the Housemate he is talking to.

These 5 words are:
1. Krobotic – In fact it’s a person who is like a robot as they show very little emotion, with a gentle face.
2. Hyperdimensionalistic- a person who has different opinions around different people.
3. Fhrosty- a person who looks like a spooky ghost, but a lovely one.
4. Churpellent- someone who talks rubbish.
5. Fidiotic- a person who fakes how stupid they are.

If Steven successfully manages to use all 5 fictional words without his Housemates realising or questioning his vocabulary, Steven will pass his secret mission and win a reward.

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