Day 23: Five Housemates face double eviction on Friday

The results of this week’s nominations are in.

Housemates are gathered at the sofas for nominations. Housemates must individually pick a playing card at random from a board of cards in the living area

Some cards say SAVE: this means the choice is not nominated, some cards say NOMINATE: this means the choice will face the public vote this week and some cards say JOKER: this means if someone picks this card, then they are powerless in the nominations. James C (immune) and Speidi (eternally nominated) cannot be selected

Heidi and Spencer drew Nominate and nominated Kim
Nicola drew a nominate card and nominated Jedward
Jedward drew a nominate card and nominated Bianca
Jessica drew a joker meaning she could not nominate
Calum drew a save card and saved Coleen from eviction
Jamie drew a joker meaning he could not nominate
Bianca drew a save card and saved Jamie
Kim drew a joker card and could not nominate
Coleen drew a nominate card and nominated Jessica
James C drew a joker and could not nominate.

The Housemates nominated for eviction on Friday are Bianca, Heidi and Spencer, Jedward, Jessica and Kim. This week will see two Housemates leave the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9pm.

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