Day 23: Highlights from Day 22 in the Celebrity Big Brother House

Catch up with Day 22 in the House.

It is Stevi and Sherrie’s birthday.
· Following a heated discussion about their friendship last night James and Austin are clearing the air in the bedroom. James tries to explain to Austin, “all I am saying is that we don’t really know each other because we haven’t spent a lot of time together. We have spent three weeks together, yes, but that is not a massively long time. It takes time to really know somebody.” James says that he doesn’t think Austin has had many friends, “you said you only have one.” They both start to laugh. However Austin still seems upset and James tells him “I could be someone completely different out there…only time will tell…it hurts me to think that it hurts you.” They have a hug and make up.
· For today’s task all Housemates are on a secret mission to give Janice a case of De Ja Vu. Janice is being distracted by Big Brother in the Diary Room. In order to pass the rest of the Housemates must act out the same series of events every time Janice leaves the Diary Room.
· All the Housemates are gathered in the sofa area to discover that they passed the task as Janice didn’t notice. They will be rewarded with a Hawaiian party for Stevi and Sherrie’s birthday.
· Big Brother has called Janice to the Diary Room for a delivery from her fiancé. In the hatch there are four jumpers provided by her fiancé Rocky. Janice begins to cry.
· James, Austin, Farrah and Jenna are talking about posing naked in the past. James tells them that he would pose naked for half a million pounds.
· Janice comes out with her jumpers and asks to talk to all the Housemates. “I just want to be completely honest with the most important people that I have learned from and experienced from and I have had the pleasure and honour to meet and learn and spend time with and grown to deeply, deeply respect and without you I am nothing…” She holds up the jumper and continues, “this is a present…I needed to show after I did the great Loose Women and had the greatest honour of meeting Sherrie. Y’all have just been so generous and kind and I have learned so much from you guys and this is the kindest gesture because I am always trying to give Chloe warmth” she puts a jumper on Chloe. Janice then tells everyone what she thinks of them: “you, Jenna are probably the dearest thing to me here. She’s true. Farrah, you’ve struggled against all odds. I judge people when I meet them…put people in your shoes. No one can ever know what the two of you, despite that, you’re brilliant mothers. For that I respect and hold dearly. Austin, I’ll never come across anyone – it is you, you’re my favourite. You can go and achieve and be anything you want to be in life as long as you understand that people come before you. You will learn how to be a service…James, I have learned from you love and honour and dignity. I’m so proud of you. Just stop biting your f*cking nails.
· Stevi and Chloe Jasmine are reflecting on Janice’s speech. Stevi says he thinks it was “really from the heart again. That tugged on me. Pulled on the heart strings.” Elsewhere, James, Farrah, Austin and Jenna are discussing the speech. James says, “I think after 20 odd days you know if someone is putting a show on…” Jenna responds, “the only person putting on a character is Janice.”
· Outside, Sherrie and Natasha are also sharing their thoughts on the speech, Sherrie says, “I have no idea what the point was. Austin joins the conversation and they tell him they’re confused by the speech. Sherrie is especially confused by, “all that adoration and crying.” Austin thinks it was “bizarre” and Natasha adds, “I thought she was saying she was going.” They all agree they think it was a plea to be voted out by public in the next eviction.
· As part of the Housemates’ reward for winning the task and for Stevi and Sherrie’s birthday, they a given a Hawaiin-themed party. They pop a bottle of Prosecco and Bobby toasts the birthdays – “to Sherrie and Stevi, should the very best of your past be the best of your future.”
· Chloe Jasmine is alone in garden crying. Janice comes to see her while the others drink and dance. Janice says, “I’m so proud of you…each day you have is another day of sobriety.” Chloe goes to Diary Room but avoids Stevi’s concerned attention as she passes him by. When she returns, Janice, Chloe Jasmine and Stevi are sorting things out. Stevi tells Chloe Jasmine, “just remember when I ask you are you alright, you don’t ignore me babe. Remember I’m your fiancé.” Chloe Jasmine responds, “I’m doing my best and that’s that” Janice backs her up.
· In the Diary Room, Farrah says, “I basically just saw Chloe run in and not acknowledge her fiancé and it’s his birthday. She should have gone to bed like she usually does [when there’s a party in the house]. If she can’t tell him she’s ok then maybe they should re-evaluate their relationship. She has some older woman who she only met two weeks ago telling him how she is? I feel like there’s some f*cking act going on. If you’re serious about someone, I wouldn’t be letting some other person get in my way. She needs to get herself alright on the inside before having a relationship on the outside. Right now that’s looking pretty weird.”
· Elsewhere, Natasha has organised a birthday surprise for Sherrie – a striptease show starring Austin and James. Sherrie rubs oil over their chests as everyone claps and sings.
· In the Diary Room, Jenna is talking about Austin: “I love Austin but it’s like it’s the Austin party. This is supposed to be a celebration for everyone honouring Stevi and nana. I don’t think he takes a lot of people into consideration and that really p*sses me off. There has to be a cut-off point…It just gets really boring.”
· Outside, Austin and James do a ‘full monty.’ The take their pants off, turn round, shake their booty as Bobby shouts “Happy Birthday Nana””
· Stevi and Chloe Jasmine are having some ‘alone time’ in the toilet.
· Austin and James are naked together in pool. James says, “at the end of the day I have to say I love you to f*cking bits.”
· While most Housemates are asleep, James and Austin are whispering in bed together, talking about the upcoming eviction and whether they will be separated. Austin says, “if one of us goes tomorrow,..” James continues, “you’ll be ok.” Austin adds, “it won’t feel right being alone without you in this bed.” James jokes, “I deserve a medal” as Austin goes to hug James saying, “you’ve opened a Pandora box…” Austin climbs on top of him and James pushes him off.

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