Day 24: Joel confronts Simon and Marc after Diary Room Q&A

Joel has confronted the House with what he saw in the Diary Room during the Pledge task

On tonight’s show, Joel gathers the Housemates and tells the group about what they saw in the Diary Room. Jack says to be fair Marc you were honest, Simon looks at Chloe and says “so was I” she replies “Don’t even go there you two faced b***ard.” Joel tells the group everything Marc says was honest, Jade comments “you did yourself well in there Marc”.

Joel and Jack continue that they are really disappointed with Simon. Joel reveals that Simon says he deserves a place in the final, to which Simon responds “well I do.” Chloe shouts “By doing what, you are a snake.” “You lay down there today saying you loved me, I have got no qualms not talking to you as all you do is bitch. Grow up.” Simon says he doesn’t feel he can say it to her face and that maybe she is lazy. Everyone disagrees.

Chloe continues “All you talk about is being on TV and being famous you are a flop you are a failure you think you are so showbiz but you are in the same place as me. Chloe comments to Marc “You said to my face what you said in there and that is fair enough.” Simon admits he should be more honest to the face. Danny remarks “everyone goes in the Diary Room and says stuff that is natural, but don’t come out and suck arse when you have been in there and slagged people off. You talk about people being kids and acting like kids, but you are acting more like a kid than anyone in here at the moment.” Marc remarks that he feels uncomfortable watching this.

After the confrontation, Chloe and Simon are talking in the bedroom. Chloe says “so one minute you are to my face saying I deserve to win the most but behind my back I deserve to win the least!” “Maybe it is best sticking to the same opinion in and outside the Diary Room.”

Later on, Chloe is in Diary Room talking about Simon “the man is a moron; he isn’t wired up right, if I hear showbiz one more time I am going to hold my finger on his windpipe.” “He has told us he hasn’t got many friends and now I can see why. Slimy bastard he needs to grow some balls. He better not come crying to me saying he is going to leave or I will say jog on cock I will get the case and help him pack.”

Simon speaks to Chloe alone. “With Eileen I f*cked up, I don’t know how to play it with you. I do like you but the reason I don’t think you should win as you are lazy in the house.” Chloe says “You said ignore not me I have never met a man of your age who acts like you do. You are immature and two faced. I will never trust you again.”

Big Brother continues tonight at the earlier time of 9pm.

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