Day 24: The House explodes into row over a “punch bowl”

The House has exploded into a major row over a punch bowl.

In the bedroom, Sam wanted to check if Ryan was annoyed with him about not taking part in the ‘punch bowl’, he denies it and says he was joking.  In the garden, Sam is telling some of his housemates that he just asked Ryan if he was annoyed. Alex decides to go into the bedroom to ask if anyone has an issue with the alcohol. Lateysha and Hughie tell him that there wasn’t an issue

Sam returns to the bedroom and reveals that he thought Ryan had an issue. Ryan denies he had an issue and says he was joking. Hughie gets involved, Alex tells him not to.

Sam and Ryan start to argue, Ryan tells him this was resolved and that has now brought it up again. Hughie is annoyed that Sam has made this into an issue; “This is all bullsh*t, this was sorted, and now Alex has come in! This is none of your business!”. Some housemates start to argue. Big Brother calls Hughie to the diary room immediately, Jason and Evelyn escort him

Lateysha is not pleased with Alex or Sam for making the ‘punch bowl’ an issue; “This house is f*cked! What have I got myself into?!” In the garden, Sam is upset that some housemates were arguing and against him. Sam continues to get upset and angry, Lateysha persuades him to calm down and talks to her; “I was defending myself! This is not me!”

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