Day 25: Davina McCall: “Big Brother too much of a commitment”

Former host of Big Brother, Davina McCall has said that she can’t watch Big Brother as it’s too much of a commitment 

Davina McCall has said that she can’t watch the new series of Celebrity Big Brother because it’s too much of a commitment.

“I’ve heard really good feedback, [but] because I’m working and I’m a mum and I’m training, I just can’t,” she told Digital Spy.

“It’s such a commitment, because you have to watch it every night. My dedication to Big Brother is still strong, but I just can’t watch it.”

Davina hosted every series of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 up until 2010 where the show moved to Channel 5 and Brian Dowling took over – who was later axed for Emma Willis.

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