Day 25: Gemma on TOWIE spot: “I still don’t feel famous”

Gemma has been talking to Tiffany about her spot on The Only Way is Essex.

On tonight’s show, the Housemates take part in the latest shopping task to identify phonecalls. Scotty T answers a ringing phone and successfully identifies that Bobby Norris from TOWIE is calling for Gemma.

Later on, Gemma is talking to Tiffany in the bedroom. She tells her, “this was like waiting to get the call from TOWIE that I’d got the gig. It’s weird though, because I still don’t feel famous. I forget that I’m famous sometimes, I really do. I’ve still kept grounded; I’ve not craved the celeb life.

Some days I think oh I’d really like a Bentley, but then I think nah you don’t need it Gem. Tiffany then says, “but the thing is, Bentley or not, you look famous. The way you dress, you blink, like I would know that you are somebody. The way you carry yourself, your aura.”

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