Day 25: Hannah is hurt by Chanelle’s comments after questions task

During tonight’s highlights show, Big Brother are provided with a box of questions in the living area. The housemates must read out a question and decide who it best describes.

During the task Chanelle and Hannah playfully joke with each other and the joke turns personal when Hannah says, “sorry miss popular, I can’t sit with you” and Chanelle responds “says the one who always drops in that she’s won pageants and she’s Miss Nigeria UK, that’s the first thing you hear from you.” Chanelle continues “you take your title a bit too serious girl.”

Hannah talks to Raph about her hurt feelings after the exchange between herself and Chanelle and he decides to try to reconcile their friendship by bringing the women together to discuss. Chanelle is extremely agitated with Raph and the situation.

Hannah talks in the garden with Raph, Joe and Kieran and explains why she is upset. She explains “One thing that I hold very dear to mine, I am just making everyone aware, is never diss my accomplishments. Half of the shit I have done with my life, I have never ever said it, no one really knows, except the normal things, about where I’m from, my sister, what I do for a living, I’m not really talking about the things that I’ve accomplished for myself because I am just a very humble person. Me being Miss Nigeria, I hold it up with pride, that’s a very big accomplishment.”

Hannah talks to her sister Deborah in the bathroom about Chanelle and says “what she said was bang out of order. One thing I’m not going to tolerate in this house, I don’t care if your drinking alcohol, I don’t care if you’re having a good time, you are very aware that I am Miss Nigeria UK and I do not find that as a joke. So whether you apologise or not, you can’t take it back, you’ve said it.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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