Day 25: Housemates face phone calls in latest shopping task

Housemates have been faced with phone calls in the latest task.

For this week’s shopping task, Big Brother has filled the house with hundreds of telephones. The housemates, who are fast asleep, get woken up by the sound of them all ringing.

Big Brother assigns the housemates this week’s shopping task. Big Brother has installed phones within the house. Housemates should make sure not to miss any calls because the callers will often be friends or family. The phones could ring at any time and housemates must identify the caller by asking yes or no questions.

Once the caller has been identified, they can then speak to their loved one. However, housemates have a limited amount of talk time to use for their calls. Talk time will be deducted from the moment the phone starts ringing and until it is hung up. If the housemates run out of talk time, they will fail the task and receive no more calls.

Gillian McKeith is the first caller, but John puts the phone down. She rings back and tells Scotty T, “don’t you dare hang up on me.” But he does.

he phones starts to ring and Jeremy has to identify the unknown caller. He correctly guesses that it’s Darren’s wife and they get to speak.

· Darren is tearful in the bedroom after speaking to his wife. Tiffany comments to herself, “if my wife was calling, I would still be on the phone. He has amazing self-control.”

Scotty T answers a ringing phone and successfully identifies that Bobby Norris from TOWIE is calling for Gemma. Stephanie then correctly guesses that Jeremy’s friend is calling for him.

Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison is Scotty T’s unknown caller. She tells him, “you’re smashing it babe” and asks “are you missing Megan?”

Evicted housemate Christopher is the next person to ring, but Gemma tells Danniella to put the phone down saying “in the nicest possible way, it ain’t important.”

Jeremy answers the phone to Gillian McKeith. She tells him that she can get them more talk time if they successfully meet the goals she has set for them – eating clean, avoiding smoking and no swearing.

Darren answers the next ringing phone and guesses correctly that it’s John’s sister on the line. He breaks down in tears whilst talking to her. Danniella tells him, “you never cry.”

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