Day 25: Savannah becomes fourth evictee of Big Brother 2017

Savannah has become the fourth evictee of the series, after a vote to evict where all of the Housemates faced eviction.

Following the announcement, Savannah said her goodbyes and left the house, greeted by Emma and cheers from the crowd.

Savannah told Emma her reaction to being evicted: “I am relieved. I was happy to go, it was very intense, much more intense than I thought it would be”. Emma asked Savannah about Isabelle and she said: “Issy is younger, she was in the right with the Lotan thing. But there was times when you couldn’t speak to her, she was so hostile. So I found her unreasonable at times”.

Savannah commented on the divide in the house: “There was a massive divide. The pot was boiling from the second we walked in there” and continued “everybody is trying to get along, but there is other stuff, like knit picking going on underneath and I don’t think it’s going to be long until there is another eruption”.

Following the events in the house, shown on Sunday, which resulted in all housemates facing the public vote, Big Brother provided early results (all independently verified) on the public vote on Tuesday and Wednesday’s BOTS, and on tonight’s live eviction show.

The verified voting percentages at vote close were:

Savannah 36.32%

Isabelle 26.95%

Hannah 11.90%

Tom 6.99%

Chanelle 4.71%

Ellie 3.26%

Joe 3.22%

Charlotte 2.35%

Deborah 1.92%

Kieran 1.57%

Raph 0.80%

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