Day 25: Task – Return To The Present

It’s time for a time based present.

On tonight’s show Big Brother gathers the Housemates and sets today’s task – Return to Sender. Big Brother will call housemates into the Diary Room individually to pick a gift – some are good and some are bad. They will then have to offer that gift to one of their housemates. If it’s bad they’ll need to use all their powers of persuasion to convince them to accept the gift. If it’s good they’ll have to employ a double bluff to ensure that the housemate they’re offering it to refuses to accept the gift.

· Nick is called to the Diary Room and opens a box to reveal a cake, Big Brother tells him that this means that this gift is an afternoon tea with a fellow Housemate. He re-joins the house and offers the gift to Simon. He tells him that it’s ‘not bad but not great’. This has the desired effect and Simon rejects the gift and Nick gets his own way and chooses Harry Amelia.

· Jack picks the box containing a boiler-suit which denotes having to give up all clothes and belongings until further notice. He tries to give this to Simon by telling him that this gift would affect him the least. This tactic doesn’t work and poor Jack has to keep the dubious gift.

· Jade pick handcuffs which means being handcuffed to another Housemate until further notice. She offers this gift to Harry Amelia and tells her it’s a ‘good bit of fun’ and Harry Amelia accepts the challenge. Jade decides that Harry should be handcuffed to Mark.

· Danny picks the gift that contains a paper bag. Big Brother informs Danny that the recipient of this will have to wear this on their head and will mean they will have to be totally ignored by the group. Danny offers this to Sam and she mistakenly trusts him and accepts. She is not happy when its meaning is revealed to her but the group find it hysterical when she dons the paper bag.

· Simon picks a box which contains a telephone which means a message from home. This prompts tears from Simon and he says: ‘I wish I could keep this for myself, I could really do with it right now.’ After his row with Chloe he tried to make amends by offering the gift to her, she knows it is being offered in good faith and so turns it down so Simon can keep it.

· Chloe looks upset when she realises the gift she has turned down is a message from home. Harry says: ‘I wish I could hug you but I’m handcuffed to a wan*er.’

· Sam goes to talk to Big Brother, still with the bag on her head and Big Brother duly ignores her.

· Harry Amelia is getting changed for her afternoon tea date with Nick, with Marc handcuffed to her. This proves problematic and Marc has no choice but to help.

· Jack and Danny hug a crying Chloe as she is still upset about missing out on the message from home, she says: ‘I needed that so bad.’

· Simon assured Danny and Jack that he genuinely wanted to give the gift to Chloe as ‘she has a partner’.

· Harry and Nick go to the Sky Garden for their afternoon tea which is ruined by Marc, who starts sticking his fingers in the cupcakes and throwing food around. His reasoning is that he has been told he can’t eat the food or drink anything but no-one said anything about touching. He says that he doesn’t like champagne and cake anyway.

· Sam tries to attract the attention of her fellow Housemates by nearly going in the pool.

· Simon goes to the Diary Room to receive his message from home. It’s from his Mum and he instantly burst into tears. His mum acknowledges that he is having a ‘tough time’ in the house right now. Big Brother asks Simon how he feels about the message from his Mum and he says: ‘It’s really nice.’

· Big Brother announces that the task is over and Jack has his identity restored and Sam can be spoken to again.

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