Day 26: CBB Final: Audley Harrison finishes in 2nd place

Audley Harrison has finished in 2nd place during tonight’s live final

Audley started the interview by saying hat he wanted to tell his story and said that he had done that. He also said that he wanted to reintroduce himself to the public.

Emma told Audley that he had handled himself brilliantly and asked him if he had a game plan and Audley said: ‘I’m a really good game player.’ He said that he tried to keep his cool but had to ‘bite’ when people took liberties.

Emma asked Audley what his beef was James and he said it was part of the game and there was no ‘shame in the game.’

Audley said that he showed so much patience with Gary because he understood him and that it wasn’t just a senior thing. Audley said that he understood that Gary sometimes acted a little entitled and that he saw the grumpy old man in him but he tried to change and adjust. Audley said he knew other old people that made him cringe but you ‘let it go.’

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