Day 26: Chanelle is wary of the second chance Housemates

During tonight’s highlights show, Chanelle confides in Hannah that she doesn’t trust new housemate Sue and doesn’t want her to sleep in their bedroom. She say’s “She’s evaluating a lot, she’s got her eyes on the prize’ and reminds Hannah that they need to stick together.

Simon and Sue go to the Diary Room to discuss their first night in the house. Sue admits she has noticed that Chanelle isn’t acting like herself and say’s “I think Chanelle’s wary, I get that impression, she’s being friendly, but there’s something there, she’s not trusting.” Sue continues “I just think she’s a bit cautious of us, and the truth is she should be”. Sue and Simone talk about sticking together.

Meanwhile, Sam talks in the Diary Room and discusses Joe’s reaction to the prize fund being cut and feels he has been negative toward the new housemates.

Joe is unhappy that the winner’s prize fund has been cut and the Second Chance Housemates have taken money from the winner’s pot. Raph and Isabelle discuss his reaction in the garden and talk about him only being in the house for the prize fund.

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