Day 26: Second Chance Housemates not eligible to win Big Brother 2017

Last night, second chance Housemates, Sue, Sam, Simone and Andrew all entered the Big Brother House after missing out on their chance first time around. Andrew, Sue and Simone were all candidates to become the people’s Housemate, while Sam was a potential Housemate from the dating task.

After they entered the house, Big Brother made the second chance Housemates stand in front of Rose Cottage to make an important announcement. Big Brother revealed that as second chance Housemates, they would not be eligible to win Big Brother 2017, or the £100,000 prize. Instead, £15,000 of the prize fund has been stolen by the group and will go to the second chance housemate that stays in the house the longest.

In addition, they will have a special role in the house and for the next few days they will have special powers over the house. The Second Chance Housemates will be immune and have the right to nominate. The other housemates will have to fight to win the right to nominate this week.

Big Brother continues tonight.

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