Day 26: TASK: Man Up!

As the final part of ‘Girl Power’ the male housemates will show off their talents one by one to the female Housemates, who are sat behind an X Factor/Idol-style desk.

Big Brother tells the male Housemates that this is their final chance to impress the girls before they all nominate. One by one they come to the Living Area, which is set with the girls behind a large desk. The girls will ask them to show off their talents or party tricks and give them a final grilling.

We give the boys an hour’s notice and tell them they need to prepare a party trick or impressive feat to show off to the girls using only items within the house.

The girls will also ask each boy questions related to their time in the house in a final grilling. It’s a chance for the boys to defend themselves and for us to reveal some additional biog details to the rest of the house.

Then the girls will discuss the 8 boys and make a final decision – which 4 do they save from nomination?

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