Day 26: TASK: Reverse Day

Big Brother is messing with time for today’s task.

Finally, as promised in the build up to Big Brother: Timebomb, Big Brother is finally messing about with time and making this morning – this evening!

For today’s task, Big Brother woke the Housemates up and told them that it was actually midnight and they would be taking part in a rave. Big Brother instructed the Housemates to get dressed up for the rave.

Then in the evening the housemates will be treated to a champagne breakfast – and if they dare to go to bed, they will be woken by a cock-a-doodle-doo alarm.

It has also since been revealed that the Housemates will be nominating face to face. However, the Housemates are unaware that this week’s eviction is fake and that the evicted Housemates will move into a secret area with some of the best ex-Housemates from Big Brother history.

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