Day 27: Best Stories of Celebrity Big Brother 2014

We take a look back at the top 10 stories of Celebrity Big Brother 2014

It’s Finale day already and we can’t believe it’ almost over. We’ve seen a whole heap of activity during the last 27 days. What caught your eye however? We’re taking a look back at the best stories of Celebrity Big Brother 2014!

1. Casey’s Mum warns her to stay away from Lee

As Housemates took part in their freeze task on Day 24, Casey’s mum entered the House and warned her to stay away from Lee!

2. Jasmine confronts Casey in CBB Task

On the first day of the freeze task, Ex-Housemate Jasmine re-entered the House and confronted Casey about her relationship with Lee!

3. Ollie Told off for not giving the right material 

Controversy sparked as a news story broke that producers of the show had told Ollie that he was boring and not giving enough material inside the House.

4. Crew Member enters the CBB House

Another controversial move sparked anger among fans as a crew member entered the House to ‘help out the Housemates’ during a task.

5. Jim apologizes to Linda over Carson-Gate

After the incident about Frank Carson’s dressing room was raised by Jim during an argument – he apologized to Linda.

6. Celebrity Big Brother extended by five days

The amazing news that Celebrity Big Brother was being extended exploded Twitter as we were told we were getting more House action!

7. Evander apologizes for homophobic comments

After Evander was the subject of being homophobic in the House, he later apologized for his comments.

8. Dappy and Luisa clash in a heated argument

One of the biggest arguments of the series happened between Dappy and Luisa!

9. Casey and Lee move into Big Brother’s Bolt Hole

Casey and Lee moved into the Bolt Hole and were the subject of a big twist!

10. Launch Night Twist Revealed

The launch night twist was revealed!

So, with all that action who will win? Only time will tell and of course it’s down to you. Catch the live final of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm followed by Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side at 11.

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