Day 27: CBB double eviction on Wednesday, vote to win open

Channel 5 have confirmed that Wednesday’s eviction will be a double – and vote to win is now open

It has tonight been confirmed that Wednesday’s final eviction show will be a double eviction with two Housemates leaving the Big Brother House just two days before the final.

Vote to win has now opened and the two Housemates with the least votes will be evicted on Wednesday.

From a Landline call 090 20 33 24 and add the number of the Housemate you want to win
From a mobile call 6 44 24 and add the number of the Housemate you want to win

To vote for Calum add 03
To vote for Katie H add 07
To vote for Kavana add 08
To vote for Keith add 09
To vote for Michelle add 11
To vote for Perez add 14
To vote for Katie P add 15

Mobile and BT Landline votes cost 50p. Other networks may vary. Voting will freeze during Wednesday’s eviction show and re-open for Friday’s final.

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