Day 27: Dappy finishes in 2nd place

Dappy has finished in 2nd place during tonight’s grand final

Rapper, Dappy has left the Celebrity Big Brother House in 2nd place during tonight’s grand final.

Dappy entered the House tethered to Liz Jones the journalist, which undoubtedly made his launch night more interesting – as did Jim and Linda’s decision to free him and Liz from their shackles. His happiness was short-lived when he learnt this meant he was immediately in line for eviction. Oddly he still found time to bond with the Daily Mail columnist – so that was something.

It’s fair to say Dappy enjoyed being in front of the cameras. Even running a bath became an opportunity to posture. He loved that bathroom, with the rubber duckies being a real draw for our pop genius.

Perhaps inevitably, Dappy broke a few rules and that meant his fans had their prayers answered when BB dished out one particular punishment. The public has always wanted to see Dappy in a nappy, so they will have been overjoyed at the sight.

Dappy also had his in-House arguments so it wasn’t all plain-sailing. In fact, one particular barnstormer saw him and Luisa discussing the gender divide in quite abrasive terms. That particular blow-up ran and ran. Despite this storming barney, the pair eventually made up and became quite close as the days went on.

Arguably Dappy’s main strength was the way he calmed his pals down when things went over the top. He had time for Lee, Casey and Jasmine when their love triangle regularly flared up, for example, and he often showed his caring side with Jim.

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