Day 27: Jenna Sixth Evicted From House

Tonight Jenna became the sixth housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother: UK Vs USA.

For the past 48 hours, viewers have been voting to save BOBBY, AUSTIN, JANICE or JENNA. Tonight (Tuesday 22 September), during the LIVE 9pm Channel 5 programme, EMMA WILLIS announced to the house that as JENNA and JANICE received the fewest votes, they became the SIXTH and SEVENTH Housemates to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

On hearing the news, Jenna said, “Yes..I am so excited” She then hugged all her housemates and excitedly ran up the stairs to exit the house.

In her post eviction interview with Emma, Jenna admitted she ”it feels invigorating…I didn’t want to go but now I am out..I am so excited”.

On making it this far Jenna said “The bottom line is I am out and I feel like I did really well…I stayed loyal to my friends and to myself.”

When asked about seeing nominations this week Jenna said “I think that you become kind of in tune…we get used to the abuse. I was really taken aback by James. I am friends with him..he didn’t have a good excuse for nominating me…It’s really hard to not take it personally.”

She continued “I didn’t take it well that from people I felt I was really close with. He told me certain things that meant I thought we were cool…to me James was my homie.”

Emma asked Jenna about her connections in the house particularly Farrah: “I think that she looked up to me. I think that I kind of tempered her. She grew a bit, you could see a difference in her from the Farrah at the beginning and at the end. She is a young girl and I wanted to be a good influence…the thing is I am not there to be the referee but I am there to give her a sense of what you should be… You don’t have to be abusive. I even had that discussion with her.”

On moving to be close to Austin “I love him to it’s not about being at somebody’s side. There is something to having an ally in the house it’s important otherwise you lash out.”

When Emma asked if we didn’t get the see the real Jenna as she was always part of a pair: “Bottom line is I am my own woman I like who I like. My loyalty is to Farrah and to people who are good to me and Farrah was always good to me so why would I mother**k her.”

Emma asked Jenna if James was playing a game: “Absolutely…fairplay to him. I was not in there for fun..I was in there to win.”

Jenna on Janice “I think everybody is bearing witness to the craziness. I get whiplash. She will wake up in the mornings and be super nice and then slowly but surely she converts to this lunatic. She is completely gone. She should be committed.”

On UK Vs USA theme: “Yes, I think US by nature are competitive…We are over the top. I thought I was the most mellow and that is super scary.”

Tune into CBB: UK Vs USA Tomorrow on Channel 5

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