Day 27: The Housemates’ final supper

Last Night, Big Brother gave Housemates their final supper in the House

As with every series, Celebrity Big Brother must come to an end sometime. Big Brother put on a luxurious meal for the remaining Housemates last night for their final night in the House. Housemates gave some touching and emotional speeches in the House:

Casey started the Housemates off by directing a short piece to Sam. “Sam you’ve been there from the very beginning through everything and I thank you for that and I know that we will be friends for life.”

Sam went on to dedicate a part of her speech to love interest, Ollie. “Finally Ollie, I’ll miss everyday waking up spending time with you it’s been amazing. Everything I’ve done you’ve been there for me, when I’ve not been well you’ve made me smile. You’re always giving me compliments and making me feel special so thank you.”

Ollie decided to dedicate his speech to Sam: “There’s loads of things I’m going to miss about this house but I think the thing that I’m going to miss the most is being able to wake up everyday and spend 24 hours with someone who I really like. You know I really like you and erm it’s very much in your court with what happens in the future.”

While, Luisa decided to direct her speech to the entire House: “I’ve learnt a lot, mainly about my self and how I could be kinder sometimes and I could be less bossy occasionally but definitely the biggest thing is to not judge a book by its cover.”

Dappy continued the speeches: “Jim Davidson, who I now call dad. I lost my dad in a very sudden way and to be honest he is the closest thing that can match that, that comes from the heart and I want to be your friend forever.”

Finally it was Jim’s turn: “This is a unique programme, and it’s turned out with 6 well 5 unique people and me as their dad. I will never forget you all and I will never forget Big Brother.”

You can see all of this on tonight’s finale show at 9pm on Channel 5

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