Day 28: Andy’s boyfriend enters the House and proposes

Andy’s boyfriend entered the house yesterday and asked him a very important question! 

On tonight’s highlights show, the housemates take part in a shopping task to win loyalty points.

After the other housemates take part, Laura, Andy, Evelyn and Emma are next up to resist temptation and earn the house loyalty points. Emma’s boyfriend Josh, Andy’s boyfriend Ed and Laura’s long lost love Bernado are waiting in the garden

Emma, Laura and Andy all turn around and are over the moon with the result

Bernado tells Laura, “I crossed an ocean to see you!” She is shocked to see him; “I can’t believe you are here!”

Andy is overcome with emotion. He asks his boyfriend; “Will you marry me?” Ed replies; “I can do one better…will you marry me?” He presents Andy with a ring and gets down on one knee. Andy accepts and the pair hug and kiss, ‘grey and old baby’

Andy tells Laura, Emma and Evelyn that he has just got engaged and they congratulate him. Evelyn returns to the house and relays Andy’s good news to the rest of the house

Housemates run out to the garden and shout out ‘congratulations’ to Andy

 Laura, Andy and Emma return to the main house, and given 15 minutes to pack essentials for their dates

Laura tells some of her housemates; “The guy that I met that I didn’t get married for, met in Miami, has flown from Mexico! It’s been two years!”

Andy is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about his engagement; “I can’t believe it! I love him so much. This is the best day of my entire life! I’m not sure I like the ring, but other than that it’s amazing!”

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