Day 28: Marc and Chloe argue after wishing well task

Tensions have boiled over between Marc and Chloe…

On tonight’s highlights show, tensions boil over between Marc and Chloe as the pair break out into an argument. As both Jade and Jack mentioned Chloe during the task wishes, Marc assumes that she has been complaining about him. Chloe gets angry and denies it saying that she is very upfront.

Marc tells Danny that he’s annoyed with Chloe saying, “She takes offence to everything I say. I have to tone down every single thing I say.” Danny defends her. He then talks about Harry saying, “I hate that other one. Dirty Harry. She’s dangerous.” Danny tells him to calm down.

Marc also manages to upset Harry while talking about her pet pig. Marc says, “I don’t like pigs talking about me.” Sam tries to stop it from escalating. Harry says she doesn’t care about Marc.

Marc in the Diary Room. “I can’t be myself around her because she moans about every single little thing. I’m going to release a full wrath of abuse.”

Danny is telling Harry that Marc will try and keep the peace and she should try to do the same. Harry says, “He’s shitting himself about the public reaction. He shouldn’t try to wind me up. He needs to learn that if he’s going to dish it out, he needs to be able to take it. The gloves are off. If he wants to leave because he can’t cope with the banter I’m giving him back then so be it.”

Eventually, Marc apologises to Chloe saying that he was annoyed with Harry and took it out on her instead. Chloe accepts his apology.

Big Brother continues at 10pm.

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