Day 29: Andy, Laura and Emma join partners in the main House

The trio have had their partners enter the main House…

The task continues, Laura, Andy and Emma are offered the chance for their loves to spend the night in the Big Brother house. Emma immediately presses her pod button and turns around. Hughie comments; “Emma you should have talked about it! You shouldn’t have pressed it.” The couples are reunited

Some of the housemates are annoyed that their loyalty points are decreasing

Ed, Josh and Bernardo enter the house. Some of the housemates seem shocked, Jackson is upset and is called to the diary room

In the garden, Ed is telling Jayne about how he thinks she is being perceived; “It’s really entertaining! You don’t come across as being bad people. You have handled yourself really really well, we’ve had serious entertainment from you!”

In the bedroom, Jayne is upset and is talking to some of her housemates; “He said we’ve seen a couple of meltdowns…that’s not f**king good for my mum and dad.”

Ryan is in the diary room and talking about the new additions; “I love them. Emma’s boyfriend is so fit! Schmoking! I really do like Hughie, and I like him even more now I know my mum likes him.” Ed and Andy are in the diary room, Ed comments that ‘everybody is so lovely’
In the bedroom Sam is comforting Jayne; “People don’t think you’re a party pooper. Calm yourself down and get some rest.”

A tired Jayne is upset in the diary room; “I need to get some sleep! I’m sick of walking on eggshells with various housemates. I feel like I’m in a f**king mad house! It’s a joke. I feel awful. I can have a laugh but I’m not these people that make a show of themselves. ”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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