Day 29: Ellie and Sam flirt and Housemates get sexual

During tonight’s show, Ellie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Sam; “He’s really funny! He’s a funny idiot, he’s really tall and it’s nice. He’s me with a penis!” In the bedroom, Sue reveals to Raph that she feels Tom ‘can’t take any form of criticism’

In the garden, some of the housemates are talking about waxing, Charlotte states; “I’ve not shaved my fanny for a year!” In the garden housemates talk about how pig semen is good for the skin. Isabelle thinks ‘all pigs are women’ In the smoking area, Sam asks Ellie if she spits or swallows, she says; “I’d rather spit it out!” Joe listens on and tells her; “You’re going down in my estimations!”


On the sofas, Chanelle reveals; “I’ve earned loads of money off this one guy…just giving him abuse!” Isabelle adds ‘like a pay pig’

In the bedroom, Sam tells Ellie; “I feel like I’ve come in here and took someone’s position and it feels weird.” Ellie replies; “I did care for Lotan, so many people have said I’m so much happier! I thought Lotan was the only person who could make me happy…” Sam says; “I’m Sam. I’m coming in here to do my own thing and not replacing anyone.” Ellie comforts Sam and he reveals; “I actually really do like you…” The pair kiss

In the bedroom, some housemates are talking about masturbation. Deborah reveals she has ‘never masturbated and has two piercings down below’, Charlotte, Kieran and Simone are shocked

Sam kisses Ellie goodnight and says; “I look forward to sharing a bed with you…shall we tomorrow then? Cuddle?”

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