Day 29: Jade’s secret task causes trouble with the House

Jade’s secret task has caused trouble with some of the Housemates.

Tonight, we see that Jade was set a secret mission earlier in the day. In the Diary Room, she was given five questions, and she had to choose one of her fellow housemates as the answer to each question. These answers determined which housemates would join her at a picnic in the garden. The housemates in question are then tasked with guessing which of them falls under each category. Marc, Cristian, Simon, Nick and Harry have joined Jade at the picnic. The remaining housemates are watching them from the house. Sam comments about Simon, “I wanna punch him in the face a little bit.”

There are some tense moments as the picnicking housemates try to resolve the task. Marc tries to involve Harry. She sits silently shrugging when she talks to him and ask Nick, “Can you take that bottle away from me?” The first question, “Which housemate are you most attracted too?” Jade has answered Cristian. They guess correctly. Question two, “Which housemate do you think is most attracted to you?” Jade has answered Nick. They guess correctly.

Joel observes, “There’s a little bit of jealousy between Harry and Jade.” Question three, “Who do you think bitches about people the most?” Jade has answered Simon. The housemates guess correctly. Simon responds, “I wouldn’t call it bitching. I think I was naive to the process.” Inside the house the other housemates jeer and tut. Jack comments, “He probably hasn’t bitched in two days so he’s cool.”

Question four, “Which housemate do you think is the most offensive?” Jade has answered Marc. The housemates have guessed correctly. Question five, “Which housemate do you think uses others for their own gain?” Jade has answered Harry. The housemates guess correctly. Harry doesn’t react but sits in silence. Marc comments, “You’re trying to play the victim.”

The housemates are on the sofa. Marc says, “She made out like I was picking on her. I tried to involve her. Play the game, Harry! Anything goes on with that girl, she tries to put it on me.” Nick comments, “She was being a little bit petty during the whole [previous ‘gifts task’] thing.” Chloe comments, “I don’t want her to feel segregated.” Marc responds, “She tries to manipulate the situation and make it look like I’m bullying her.” The housemates shout over to her but she ignores them and goes to the bedroom.

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