Day 3: Biggins labels the Housemate in a secret task

Biggins has labeled his Housemates in the latest task.
During tonight;s show, in the diary room, as part of the Secret Boss task Biggins has to label some of his housemates

· He labels Lewis and Bear as least talented; “Both of them are lovely guys, I have no idea what they do!”. He labels Frankie the most egotistical; “He’s outrageous, he’s fabulous, he is Frankie!”

He labels Marnie and Heavy D as the most trashiest and he labels Samantha as the most iconic; “What she’s done is incredible and is just fantastic!”

The housemates that he has chosen to label will now either be punished or rewarded. Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas, and reveals the labels that the Secret Boss assigned to the housemates

The least talented housemates – Lewis and Bear – must wear a pantomime donkey costume and prance around the garden every time they hear a donkey sound effect

The most egotistical housemate – Frankie – must prepare a presentation entitled 10 Things I Love About Me and You Should Too. Frankie gushes; “I totally agree! I would have picked me!”

In the diary room, Lewis and Bear are talking about their labels. Lewis thinks; “I think he’s judged too quick! Seen us as the young two lads, they’ll handle it. James is the least talented.”

Samantha who was labelled most iconic housemate, is asked to open the pod named ‘The Samantha Fox Suite’ which is kitted out with refreshments and sweets. For being labelled the most trashiest housemates, Marnie and Heavy D are tasked with sorting trash

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm.

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