Day 3: Brandon becomes third Housemate to be edited out by all stars

Brandon has become the third Housemate to be edited out of the show.

During tonight’s show, and as part of the day’s task, the All Star Producers will hold screen tests with the New Star Housemates. The Producers have a portfolio of the News Stars and will interview them one at a time.

During the interviews, when asked which Housemate he would have sex with, Jamie names Jasmine; Brandon thinks Big Brother might unleash his wilder side, Angie thinks that Spencer is untrustworthy; Bianca says she has only ever kissed Calum and might do it again and Ray J says he would like to be recognised for his music rather than his past.

At the end of the interviews, the Producers deliberate and Spencer whispers, ‘We’re gonna go with your mum, it’s not me, we’re team.” “No we’re not,’ Calum replies then announces Brandon as the next New Star to be edited out due to his “elusive” answers.

James J, Austin and Calum are in the garden talking about the task. James thinks that Spencer has found Calum’s “Achilles Heel,” in Angie. Calum disagrees but feels that Spencer isn’t being malicious, “He just likes to rile things up.” Calum adds: “Understand, he’s one with his missus, I’m two with my mum, I have a wing woman that counts as a person.”

Angie tells Stacy and James C about the task and says that Spencer wants her to go, “cos I picked on him, I said you’re not trustworthy.” Angie says they are all being who they are. Stacy says she loves that Calum defended her and shouts, “Yes Boo, I love you even more.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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